International Space Agency

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International Space Agency
HeadquartersMagnolia Bend, Louisiana, USA
Primary spaceportKennedy Space Center
Mid-Pacific Launch Center
Vandenberg Air Force Base
Administrator(s)Arthur Monroe
Ian Rubin
Harrison Whitford
BudgetUS$73.5 billion (2012)

The International Space Agency (ISA), established in 1975, is an intergovernmental organization dedicated to the exploration of space, currently with 9 member states acting in cooperation. Headquartered in Magnolia Bend, Louisiana, ISA has a staff of more than 40,000 with an annual budget of about $75 billion in 2010.

ISA's space flight program includes human spaceflight, mainly through its Space Shuttle program, the launch and operations of unmanned exploration missions to other planets, the Moon and Mars, Earth observations, science, telecommunication as well as maintaining a major spaceport, the Mid-Pacific Launch Center at Gagarin Island and designing launch vehicles. The main European launch vehicles, the RDA space shuttle, and Jupiter series of launchers are operated in conjunction with NASA, with ISA sharing in the costs of launching and further developing these launch vehicles.

ISA science missions are based at McGregor Space Center in Magnolia Bend, which also houses the International Space Training Facility (ISTF) that trains astronauts for future missions. ISA Mission Control is in Geneva, Switzerland, with Space Shuttle missions currently controlled from the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.


Goals and aims

Member countries and structure




Launch facilities

Landing sites

Tourism and museum facilities


Launch vehicle fleet

Jupiter launchers

Space Shuttles

American Orbiters
Number Name First launch Launch site Notes
OV-107 Terra Nova March 4, 2009 Vandenberg AFB, SLC-7 First Space Shuttle launched into polar orbit.
OV-108 Constitution June 30, 2009 Vandenberg AFB, SLC-7 First American Orbiter launched on an unmanned test flight.
OV-109 Patriot October 7, 2009 KSC, LC-39C First ISA Space Shuttle launch from Cape Canaveral; First ISA Orbiter to dock with the ISS.
OV-110 Liberty NET April 20, 2010 KSC, LC-39C
OV-111 Intrepid NET July 16, 2010 KSC, LC-39C
OV-112 Horizon KSC, LC-39E
OV-113 Endurance KSC, LC-39E Final orbiter constructed.
Russian Orbiters
Number Name First launch Launch site Notes
OK-2K1 Baikal December 10, 2009 Baikonur Cosmodrome, Pad 110 First next generation Russian orbiter
OK-2K2 Sokol TBD Baikonur Cosmodrome, Pad 110

A final American space shuttle, named Union, was commissioned, but was cancelled during construction. The exterior was completed and the vehicle is now on display at the Lafayette Air and Space Museum. A third Russian orbiter, likely named Kasatka, was cancelled prior to assembly.